Dear Berlin visitors

For your next stay in the German capital, we would like to introduce to you our way of visiting the city.

Of course we offer the common trip to all the famous sightseeing places like the 'Reichstag', 'Brandenburg Gate', 'Checkpoint Charlie' or 'Alexanderplatz', but we also make it a point to guide you to the less known landmarks of Berlin — the 'Charlottenburg Palace' with the tombs of William the First (first emperor of the German Reich) and his mother, the very popular queen Luise of Prussia, the 'Olympic Stadium' where Adolf Hitler opened the 11th Olympic Summergames, or 'Gleis 17', the platform from which the trains of deportation left, and many more.

We offer detailed tours in different quarters like 'Nikolaiviertel' (the former jewish quarter) or 'Spandauer Vorstadt' — following various themes, like 'The Third Reich and its Crimes' (including the former concentration camp Sachsenhausen) or 'The Government district — Architecture, Art and Germania'.

Many different trips are available, as for example from the 'Gendarmenmarkt' to the 'Brandenburg Gate' or from 'Alexanderplatz' to the 'Forum Fredericianum'. And if you prefer an individual combination of different tours, we'll be delighted to arrange a tour tailored to your liking.

You can choose to take a walk, use bikes or a special conference bike, cars or buses. Tours using public transportation are also possible.

For further information, please contact us at
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